Clan statistics for: U have OnLy3 choices: "Run, HiDe or DiE!"

Clan information

Full name: U have OnLy3 choices: "Run, HiDe or DiE!"
IRC: #only3 @ GameSurge

The foundation: 02/22/2010

IRC: #only3 @ GameSurge

Tests: Only with an invitation, with the unanimity of twelve members, another member may join us.

We play, absolutely, all the offcial maps and ways.

First of all, the AssaultCube is a search for amusement, but, from the moment that we meet in a team identified by a tag, we look for friendship and challenges near other teams. We do not like easy plays and we don t have problem in learning with the defeats to grow with them.

In our first championship, we stay in the second position of the "TyD Tournament 3x3" - 2010, winning teams like MCNNM, 3", BC, Twhh and A&D, losing in the final for the w00p team.

We are a different team, with an average of age above twenty two years. We respect the adversaries and we demand the same treatment, even knowing that this play is played by many immature children. All the members of the team it has a strong personality and a characteristic in common, what is a firm presence of a character. The team is formed by the union of four countries: Belgium, Portugal, Brazil and Germany.

Principal objective: To play in the just form, for amusement, championships that appear. We are intolerant with cheaters, seeing in this persons frustrated in search of a FARCE, which soon will come to the surface. We always play fairly for a better AC.

The name of the clan has not relation with number of members. The meaning is connected to the result of a crash with our team, because, in this situation, you have OnLy3 choices: "RUN, HIDE or DIE!"

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Weekly rank (detail »)

RankNameTime PPH
97 O3|RaMb01h 55m 293

Monthly rank (detail »)

RankNameTime PPH
61 O3|RaMb041h 17m 604
112 |OnLy3|W4R23h 04m 690
154 O3|Marreira17h 26m 709
- O3|Raizen20h 14m 223
- O3|Dam.4h 41m 367
- O3|mariaNA~3h 18m 322

Alltime rank (detail »)

RankNameTime PPH
10 |OnLy3|Marreira804h 43m 689
100 |OnLy3|W4R232h 26m 675
105 |OnLy3|METL234h 51m 655
186 |OnLy3|Dam.178h 07m 597
221 |OnLy3|RaMb0140h 17m 649
470 |OnLy3|n0cu69h 39m 609
474 O3|Raizen130h 38m 323
560 |OnLy3|Vi|zard57h 52m 595
679 O3|RaMb048h 49m 570
- O3|Marreira34h 33m 719
- |OnLy3|1Cap43h 58m 450
- |OnLy3|0ND3R***30h 13m 434
- |OnLy3|Tayuya27h 19m 475