• HI-SKILL information

    What is this?

    This website is a public AssaultCube ladder by w00p|Drakas. It uses information from a range of public servers to compile statistics for the general public to access.

    What are the specifications of your systems?

    hi-skill.us (aka. loki.woop.us)
    Location: United Kingdom
    Hardware: Intel Celeron 220 CPU @ 1.20Ghz, 1GB RAM, 100Mbit/s port, 10GB HDD.
    Ladder software: Ubuntu Linux Server 9.04, Postgresql 8.4, Lighttpd.
    Other software: Mumble 1.2 and TeamSpeak 3 beta
    Location: France
    Hardware: Intel Atom 230 CPU @ 1.60Ghz, 512MB RAM, 100Mbit/s port, 20GB HDD.
    Location: United States
    Hardware: Intel Xeon CPU X2460 @ 2.80Ghz, 512MB RAM, 100Mbit/s port, 800GB transfer, 40GB HDD
    hi-skill.us.to (legacy):
    Location: United States
    Hardware: 256MB RAM, 100Mbit/s port, 150GB Transfer, 20GB HDD
    Ladder software: Ubuntu Linux Server 9.04, Postgresql 8.4, Lighttpd.
    Other software: Mumble 1.1

    Where do the credits go?

    All coding and development, main server hosting, infrastructure maintenance.
    Server hosting, guidance, AC development.
    Server hosting.
    Server administration and hunting down the bad guys.
    Server administration, game maintenance and hunting down the bad guys.
    Server administration and game maintenance.
    Various contributions
    Rytis, jamz, alberich1977, tipper, Brahma, P@ndel and many more...
  • HI-SKILL videos

    From the HI-SKILL video contest here.

  • HI-SKILL comics

    I personally love |3"|Hunk's comic and #M|A#Alberich's comic the most :)

    From the HI-SKILL comic contest here.

  • AssaultCube World Cup

    AssaultCube World Cup, 2010

    The second AssaultCube World Cup took place in July 2010 and August 2010. There were twenty teams fighting in a very difficult competition.

    The winning team was the Brazilian team: |oNe|.eSt!gMaTa, |OnLy3|Marreira, |OnLy3|W4R, |OnLy3|n0cu, w00p|CoxA* (captain)

    The runner-up team was the Slovakian team: |3"|Diabolus, |3"|Etch, heLL*|3"|, |3"|ToMaS.sK.

    AssaultCube World Cup, July 2009

    The very first AssaultCube World Cup took place in July 2009. Nine teams fought over the title of the best country in AssaultCube.

    The German team won the cup, composed of |oNe|Smack|Dot|, w00p|tenshi, A&D_TheRock and burp{TyD}.

    The final game for Germany was fought against the Australian team, composed of DES|R4zor, DES|Ruthless, Undead, Takkunen and Jelly.

  • I can't post!

    Join any server right now, so your current IP gets registered. Then you can post!

  • Transfer my points

    Read carefully and request your transfer here.

  • I'd like to contribute

    You can contribute by monetary means, by participating in contests, by showing off your signature, by playing more, by participating in the board.. plenty of things to do :)

  • Scoring information

    How are the points calculated?

    We are still deciding on the optimal strategy for calculating the points. There also may be some new AC server modifications that we will make use of in order to enhance the ladder in the near future. If you have suggestions to tell, please do so through the contact form.

    Minimum requirements for scoring

    Scores will only be counted if there are six or more players, and if you are playing a map supported by the ladder:

    ac_arctic, ac_depot, ac_depot_classic, ac_gothic, ac_riverside, ac_casa, ac_complex, ac_desert, ac_desert2, ac_desert3, maps/ac_complex, ac_elevation, ac_power, ac_mines, ac_scaffold, ac_fold, ac_ingress, ac_industrialities, svn_werk, ac_werk, ac_arabian, ac_rattrap, ac_shine, ac_snow, ac_sunset, ac_toxic, ac_urban, ac_culvert, ac_iceroad, ac_iran, ac_dune, ac_pipeline, ac_outpost, ac_avenue, ac_edifice, ac_fold, ac_nest, ac_fabrik, apollo_desertcity, apollo_arabicnight1.4, ac_noct, ac_ingress, ac_stockade1.3

    Sums don't match..?

    It's simple - on some days, you might've played, but not enough to be on the daily rank. Those days are counted for aggregate scores but not for individual days.

    The only possible miscalculation is the time, which is only recorded once the player quits/changes their name. This means that your time might be recorded in another day if you're playing overnight UTC+0000, for example. It may show some funny PPH scores.

    Times are incorrectly calculated

    See my post here.

    Are there any rules?


    • Team fixing is not allowed. Team fixing can be defined as putting all the good players on one team and all worst players on the second team. It may be just a case for one clan in a game, or for any bunch of people. If you see that a game is greatly unbalanced, such as 20-0 flags, then please make effort to change your team.
    • There also were reports on in-game 'bullying', whereby flag carriers get killed intentionally not to get higher up in the ladder. Also intentional damage, but not near enough to killing is not permitted. Any such cases will not be tolerated.
    • Repeated verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
    • Cheating or other forms of gameplay modifications are not allowed either.
    • Any kind of methods to subverse limits of the game, such as the respawn time and health points, by reconnecting.

    If you notice anyone not going by the conduct, please get the demo after the game by writing /getdemo and then send it to us right here.

    Not following the conduct may result in removal of your individual scores, or your team's scores if more than one individual is involved in that.

  • Register my clan

  • Request admin

  • I can't join

    If you can't join any of the HI-SKILL servers then you should ask here. If you think you are mistakenly or unintentionally being prevented from joining any of the servers, do ask here.

  • In-game problems

    Someone behaving badly? Report here.


    Generally, if they're not causing too much trouble, you should be able to get rid of them by a simple vote.

    • If someone is impersonating you with intentions to defame, contact us.
    • If someone is impersonating you, and is from the same country, contact us.
    • If someone is misusing your clantags, and is listed on the clan list, contact us.
    • If someone is misusing your clantags, and is not listen on the clan list, but is listed on the search, do not contact us, what shows up in the search is not any sort of statistic for any matter. Instead, give the people a link to your member list so they can see who is in your clan or not.
  • In-site problems

  • Sign up a server

    There are strict requirements towards registering a server to contribute to HI-SKILL.

    • The server must run on a UNIX based OS with access to syslog configuration.
    • The server must not be a home-run connection.
    • Must have stable connectivity.
    • Must be using a blacklist.
    • May have nickname and tag protection.
    • Must supply a password to the HI-SKILL administrators.
    • Must run maprots which only contain official maps or those in the mappacks.
    • May not have more than 16 players' capacity - we prefer 12 or 14 players.
  • Other questions

    I have a question about privacy?

    If you do not want your country displayed alongside your name, please make a request for yourself to be de-activated from the ladder completely. Your statistics will still be recorded, but they will not be displayed.

    With regards to the recorded IP addresses, partial IP information will be available to the selected ladder statistics administrators, as they are already available in the same way through the /whois command in-game.

    Full IP addresses will be checked and provided only if sufficient evidence for some sort of abuse (cheating/teamkilling/offending/impersonating) has been found, for the purposes of a public blacklist.

    Any alternative nicknames will stay confidential, except in cases of the aforementioned abuse.

    Access to the content

    No automated queries apart from those of search engines, feed syndications and server browser are permitted.

  • Other queries

  • Emergency!

    Contact an administrator!

    And if they're not responding, then ask in IRC! #woop-clan, #DedicatedEliteSoldiers, #ma-clan, #bc-clan, #mys are the best places to ask. Do not ask individual people (they're not commercial 24/7 support..), just ask in the channel.

    IRC: you can use any IRC client to connect to the GameSurge network. Following are IRC clients I'm acquainted with: Chatzilla, X-Chat (Windows), mIRC, irssi, KVIrc, Pidgin, WeeChat. If you are going on IRC and want to talk with someone individually, then read this beforehand: [http://woop.us/2108], so you don't play ping-pong with a busy person. IRC is nice for all-round chat and getting games together.